I have always been conscious about my skin and being in the media profession looks & presentation matters a lot to me. I had never any major skin concerns but was not happy with the way my skin felt & looked. It looked dull & noticed a lot of fine lines. Whenever I watched myself on television my skin looked patchy.

On consultation with Meha; she analysed my skin and mentioned to me that the fine lines were due to dehydration which caused the dullness. Meha explained me the treatment procedure and the benefits it would do to my skin.

After a couple of sittings, I found a huge difference & today I feel much more comfortable to carry my skin.

My recommendation is to be regular with the sittings & follow a simple homecare regime recommended by Meha because I simply go according to what Meha suggests, as that suits me well.

Amrit Kaur Chawla , Actress

Rapport building, Bonding & Interaction with the client during consultation is Excellent.

Mr. Prakash , Business

I would like to thank Meha and her staff for making me feel relaxed and giving personal attention while I was at her clinic. It was a refreshing change and enjoyable one.

While in India, I had taken Mineral treatment for my Hair at her clinic. This not only benefited my hair but also helped me relax .Her advice for me to take this treatment was very helpful.

Before we proceeded with the Skin treatment, she analyzed my skin and mentioned that I had a lot of dead skin accumulation on my face which needs to be removed. I informed her that I have Rosacea and she assured me that she would just give me a simple exfoliation with enzyme peel and a certain soothing treatments .The whole purpose was to remove the dead skin due to which my skin looked dull. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive as no treatment in the past has suited my skin but the way she explained me, I got convinced. My skin looks much better now and even my friends noticed the difference.

As I was only for short period in India I could not take more sittings with her. But the next time I am in India I would make sure that I take treatments from her to maintain my skin.

I would advice people with or without skin or hair problems to visit TressEZ. I am sure they will benefit and enjoy as much as I did.

I thank Meha once again for a good treatment and personal attention.

Nita Sanghvi Rosy Blue Jewellery Inc., New York, USA

I have been a regular visitor at TressEZ. Having taken treatment for face and hair care I have found every visit a satisying and enjoyable experience with Meha. The products used were excellent, my skin was glowing after each session and there was noticeable improvement in the texture of my hair, together with a glossy finish.

No matter how hard pressed I am for time when I come from Dubai to Mumbai on a short break, I make it a point to visit TressEZ

Poonam Sadani Emirates Airlines


I am Aparna Karmokar. I am working with Info Edge (I) Ltd (Jeevansathi.com). I would love to share my good experience with the products that I have personally used.

It is a very good experience as the products are very genuine & up to the mark. After using them, my skin glows, my skin feels soft & supple. The initial usage will make you feel the difference, & after completion of the entire course you can feel the effect on your skin. My suggestion here would be to use the product as per Meha’s recommendation & this would work wonders on your skin like it did for me.

Not only the products, the service provided also has been excellent at Meha’s clinic & due attention is paid in understanding the skin texture, which surely gives the best results on to the skin complexion & the overall looks.

My word for it would be you can definitely try the product & experience the difference for yourself.

Aparnaa Karmokar , Team Leader, Mumbai