I am in late thirties and always had these never-ending problems of acne on my cheeks and forehead .

It got worst to a point that  I didn’t want to go out. I took many treatments,  used wide variety of products but without any relief.

When I got to know about Meha through a very close friend of mine, I decided to visit her so as not to hurt my friend, I did not realize then, that I was entering to solve the last leg of the puzzle. I took her suggested treatments and within 3 sessions , there was visible change in my face –  free of pigmentation and my skin looked soft n supple.

In addition to the above benefits, I also  found a friend in Meha who would suggest and recommend me products and treatments which were only necessary and even if I wanted to do some unnecessary treatments she would stop me by saying ‘Don’t’ waste money ,not required for u!  ..

Thank you Meha for being a friend ,Philosopher and Guide for my skin and the complete makeover.!!!!

Writuparna Ghose , Banker

I know Dr. Meha since over 4 years now. From my very 1st visit to her clinic, I was assured that I am at right place and in right hands. Since then I have been visiting her every year during my visit to India. She has wide range of products and services to cater the issues related to hair and skin. Her products are free of harsh chemicals. It has natural ingredients and soothing aroma. I ensure to pick my stock of the year on every visit. She is professional yet very friendly. She will not push you to upsell her services or products and ensures to offer only what is needed as per your chief complaints. I wish I was based there to visit her often or it would be great if she had another branch in Dubai. I  wish her lots of success.

Lalita Keswani , HR Officer
Food Fund International, Dubai, U.A.E

My journey with TRESSEZ is never ending. Meha is so professional and put me at ease from the moment I met her… not only me but my whole family is equally satisfied with the services that has been provided by TRESSEZ. Its been only 4 years but I felt like I’d known you for years. TRESSEZ has given me a different look with a permanent smile. Here is a big THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

Miss Madhura Sawant , Student

I know Meha for a few years now and have always been impressed by her and her company. The products and services are very good and it helps that she is always available. I strongly recommend her.

Mr Anupam Mittal , Founder & CEO
People Group

I am Radhika working in an IT Company. My face had become a disaster with big painful pimples and black spots all over my face due to a wrong treatment done by another doctor, stress, pollution & hyper acidity. I had completely lost hope of getting rid of all this.

Then I happened to visit TressEZ. The feeling inside TressEZ is so healing & calm. Feels absolutely peaceful the moment you step in.

At TressEZ, Meha analyzed my skin and my health conditions carefully and the first thing she said to me was “don’t worry all this will vanish away, but would take time”, her genuine yet confident opinion gave me immense relief.

Meha and her efficient staff have been taking care of my skin more than probably I’d have taken myself. The only thing I did is sincerely followed everything that Meha instructed to me. Her products, the treatments she did & some treatments that she suggested to enhance the quality of my skin have done their magic and now in almost 6 months my face has become far better, pimples have gone and with a remarkable difference in appearance.

I would definitely be continuing my treatment here and looking forward to more recommendations from Meha to enhance the skin quality.

For those who are looking for an honest solution to your skin or hair problems, you must make it a point to visit TressEZ and be assured, rest of the things will be taken care by Meha.

Thanks a ton Dear…you have proved what your tagline says!

Secret Mantra: “Just follow Meha’s instructions” 🙂

Ms. Radhika Singbal , Quality Process Consultant
L&T Info-Tech

I had the pleasure of working with Meha at TressEZ when we gave clinical training to several Indian students of the International Association of Trichologists. The students enjoyed the training but, more importantly, the patients really appreciated the help they were given with their hair loss and scalp problems. Some of these patients had already seen Meha and were very happy with her professionalism and advice. Meha now continues to conduct training for IAT students at her clinic and is a great asset to IAT.

Mr David Salinger , Executive Director
I.A.T australia

I did the 3 month diploma course at tressez with Dr Meha , the experience and knowledge I got was excellent . Being a hairstylist to begin with, the trichology course just added more value to my body of work. Today clients look not only for external beauty of hair but also internal strength of hair, which is exactly what the course provided in the form of knowledge.

Aneesha Virani , Owner
Aneesha Salon