Deep Seacrets

The skin is the largest organ and absorbs almost everything you put on it!  Make sure you recognize the ingredients in your skin care products as natural. The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health studies found over 800 toxic ingredients in body care products.  Over 700 of them caused acute toxic affects and over 300 caused developmental abnormalities.  These chemicals may absorb into your body and brain 3 times faster than water.

Using natural skin care products is very important and that’s the reason why we, at TRESSEZ, use only Natural Products. Nature has many wonders to help us make our life better and beautiful. One of such wonders, which has attracted the scientists and beauty experts alike for last many years, is Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea

Dead-SeaThe Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. There the earth has gone down to a depth of 427 m below sea level. In the lowest place there are unique climatic conditions (micro-climate) that make this the largest natural spa in the world and this naturally attracts scholars and visitors from around the world year round. The Dead Sea is in fact a saltwater lake. Its length is about 50 km and its maximum width, between Ein Gedi and Arnon, is 17 km. The volume of the lake is 140 billion m³ of water, in which about 50 billion tons of salts and minerals are diluted. The concentration of salinity in the Dead Sea is 34 parts to one hundred as against 1.4 parts to one hundred in the water of the Bay of Eilat, which is part of the saltiest open sea in the world.

The Dead Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals derives from dissolving of the salt created in the natural evaporation process of the lake’s water. A large part of the Dead Sea salts and minerals penetrate the skin and this makes the Dead Sea the only area in the world in which the natural healing method of climatotherapy is applied for treatment of various diseases.

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea contains some 45,000 million tons of salts rich in minerals – The Dead Sea Minerals. The Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals is produced from dissolving of the salt created in the natural evaporation process of the lake’s water.

The minerals constitute only 4% of the body weight, but their importance is immeasurably greater, they are trace elements required in small quantities for cell renewal activities in the skin and serve as essential elements in cell functioning, principally in intercellular communication. The minerals are essential for purposes of “exchanging information” and help to transmit signals between the cells, an activity that stimulates cells to renew themselves, to divide and to nourish the top skin layer with an increased water capacity.

dead-sea-mudThe mud produced from the banks of the Dead Sea has become famous around the world because of its healing capacities. The black mud (which in its natural form is characterized by a sharp smell) is made up of layers of the mountain soil and silt from the waters of the Jordan River and the springs, and it has sunk deep into the lake.

The black mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea is in fact alluvial silt washed down from the surrounding mountains and deposited on the shores of this inland salt sea. Layer upon layer of fine silt deposits have evolved over thousands of years to form a rich Dead Sea mud containing particularly high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. The resulting mineral-rich Dead Sea mud is a natural raw material that can be used by the body as a source of essential minerals for all its basic needs


TRESSEZ Product – Mineral Mud Mask

Scientific studies carried out on the mineral mud have proved, beyond any doubt, its benefits in maintaining a healthy skin. Enveloping the body in mineral-rich Dead Sea mud forms a sealing layer over the skin that increases the body temperature. The blood flow is activated and oxygen and nutrients penetrate to the end of even the tiniest blood vessels and stimulate activity in all layers of the skin. Heat helps the body eliminate toxins through perspiration and stimulates the natural cell metabolism.

Skin care using a Dead Sea mud mask is suitable for all skin types, but is especially effective for skin suffering from a functional imbalance. For example, with skin suffering from excess fatty secretions, the process balances and calms typical irritation and redness, and the mask can therefore be applied two to three times a week.

Deep Seacrets

In the 18th century, interest in Dead Sea minerals grew with the discovery of their marvelous healing properties, particularly for skin diseases. In the y ears that followed, the Dead Sea became known internationally as a place offering complete and natural cures for skin problems, and visitors began to travel to the area from all over the world. Although past scientific studies of the Dead Sea’s mineral resources mostly focused on their curative properties for skin diseases, current research is producing its most positive results in the field of healthy skin care and maintenance. TRESSEZ’s Dead Sea cosmetics have gained reputation for their many beneficial qualities for maintenance of the skin’s youthful appearance and protection of the cell nucleus against early aging.

The entire DEEP SEACRET beauty product range is enriched with water, salt or mud-based Dead Sea minerals for which there is no natural or synthetic substitute in the cosmetic pharmaceutical world. The mineral composition used in these cosmetics is so special that it cannot be successfully imitated in any lab. We, at TRESSEZ, take care to ensure that all its beauty products are composed of the most active and effective concentration of Dead Sea ingredients.