Bride – Groom Skin Care

We, at TressEZ, understand how important the big day of Wedding is for you! Many preparations must be in planning for your make-up and hair-dressing for the occasion of your wedding; but there is a lot more than just superficial skincare and haircare when it comes to bride and groom makeover preparations.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin.


Your wedding date is set. You just paid the deposit at the venue. What’s the next big thing on your wedding to-do list? No, it’s not the photographer or the makeup artist. It’s your beauty regime plan!

You should have a basic hair & skin care routine in place as soon as the date is set, but for all practical purposes you should start taking serious care of your hair & skin 3 to 6 months before your big day.

It’s important to keep the skin well nourished

As a Bride, you go through a lot of emotional stress due to nervousness & anxiety of going to a new home. On top of that, hectic shopping schedules and trials add physical stress, which affects the skin tone. Skin gets dull & tanned due to moving outdoors. Meal timings are disturbed so breakouts are quite common during these days of wedding mud-packpreparation. There’s no substitute to a healthy glow that comes naturally when you’re taking care of your body & mind. Which is why we, at TressEZ, are tackling the difficult, yet more effective ways to get better skin first.

Relaxing the bride and addressing the skincare and haircare concerns holistically is our top priority. Body polishes using exotic & exclusive marine & dead sea ingredients will make your skin supple, well hydrated & bright. WE DO NOT USE BLEACH FOR BRIGHTENING & DE TANNING. Our scientifically designed massages not only relax your mind & body but also flush toxins & drain exhaustion out.

Book monthly facials to really refresh your skin

facial-2At TressEZ we believe in not just beautifying skin externally but also internally. As we all know the famous saying, “Rome was not built in a day” so is beautiful & healthy hair & skin is not an overnight process. Drink good amount of water every day and spare some time for daily exercises. Exercising & steering clear of junk food flushes out the toxins from your body, which directly affects the health of your skin.

Your wedding is the perfect excuse for some extra pampering. You’ll want to book monthly facials to really refresh your skin. There might be some other skin concerns as well, acne/mole or under-eye dark circles etc. The process takes preparation and special techniques that, if done at home, can lead to irritation, or worse, scarring. At TressEZ, our experts will examine your skin and will plan the proper skin care regime specifically personalized for your skin type making your skin look fresh and glowing.

Use Skin-Specific Moisturizer.

Everyone has got a different skin type. The skin can be either moisture-dry or oil-dry. For oily skin: Oily skin also needs moisturizer, however it needs to be water based. For breakout-prone skin: Choose a moisturizer that’s noncomprehending. It should say so on the bottle. For sensitive skin: Preferably use fragrance-free products for your sensitive skin.

Beautiful Hair adds to facial beauty.

This is an open secret… beautiful hair adds a great value to the facial beauty. Diffused Hairloss, Dandruff etc are some of the problems commonly seen in Women and most of the times, the cause of these problems just might be related to your daily life style and the haircare products you’re using. Visit TressEZ Hair and Skin Care Clinic for proper hair examination. Our experts will help you find best hair-care regime specifically suitable for your hair and scalp conditions.

Good diet, proper home-care & our intense skin & hair therapies will surely helps you look your best for the most important day of your life.

Being a Groom can be a fun, too!

groom-3When it comes to beauty products and skin care, Grooms shouldn’t feel out-of-league! Gone are the days when the poor groom would be standing in a corner while his bride became the center of attention. Everyone is usually focused on her bridal look. Nowadays, being a groom can be fun too. You need to look like a million bucks in front of all the cameras. And, a strict beauty regime before your big day arrives, is a must.

Skin care has become one of the most important daily activities and is receiving more attention now more than ever. While it is a common concern for women, it is just as important for men to look after their skin as well.

Tone your skin for a clear and firm appearance.

facial-men-1Men have more oil glands (sebaceous glads) than Women. Someone with an oily skin type will often be plagued with too much oil on and below the surface of the skin. This, in turn, can cause various types of acne because the oil builds up. While the skin is supposed to produce needed oils, it is advisable to cleanse this type of skin with a facewash that will wipe away excess oils, but still keep those that are essential to healthy skin. Needless to mention, have a facial done with a professional once per month leading up to the big day, or try giving yourself a home facial for the same skin maintenance and glowing effect.

Another aggravating factor can occur when a man shaves. If you shave everyday, you may want to use something that is more gentle to your face, especially if you cut yourself often or your skin tends to be sensitive. Man’s skin is made up somewhat differently from that of a woman, certain it may be preferable to use products better suited to its texture.

Hair and Scalp treatments

Balding is quite common problem in Men. If you were planning for Hair implantation or just willing to nurture your hair for long lasting effect, then your wedding is a perfect event for you to take some steps forward. Hair-loss or Dandruff problem can make you feel (and hence look) conscious. But nothing much to worry really when there is a solution available. Most of the hair and scalp problems are related to your daily routine and the shampoo you use. Visit TressEZ Hair and Skin Care Clinic for your Hair & Scalp examination and our experts will advise you the treatments which are best suitable for your hair and scalp.

Choose proper Face-wash

groom-2We have observed that Men are less choosy when it comes to picking up facewash for daily use. Soaps can act as the villains when it comes to skin problems. So, if you are using the wrong soap, you are making your poor skin suffer. You should choose a facewash that has hydrating properties if you have a dry skin. Everyone has got a different facial skin tone and texture; hence it is important to first identify your skin type and then plan the proper skincare regime, specific to your skin-type. Visit TressEZ Hair and Skin Care Clinic today and let our experts help you find the best personalized skincare regime to get the fresh and glowing skin for your wedding day.

Sleep is also vital for a groom

Sleep is also vital for a groom to get rid of baggy eyes or dark circles. Get at least eight hours of sleep every day. This will add radiance to your skin. Drinking and smoking should also be avoided as they cause dryness. Opt for exfoliation and facial cleansing treatments, as they will get rid of all the dirt and grime, which clogs your skin pores.

Now is not the time to experiment
That expensive new moisturizer you just received as an early wedding present? Or that overnight treatment (“guarantees a beautiful bridal glow”) you read about in your favourite magazine 10 days before the wedding? Step away from the shiny new container. Now is not the time to experiment. Visit TressEZ Hair and Skin Care clinic for expert advise and get all your queries related to your skin and hair problems resolved.

TressEZ for you

We have seen some in market who try to pocket as much profit they can from your wedding. This is quite against our Business Ethics. We, at TressEZ, plan a special pre-wedding Skin Care schedule just for you, which of course does not put any unnecessary cost on your Wedding Budget.

bride-groomConsultation is the first step we perform at TressEZ. To get effective results from your skin products and facial routines it is very important for you to first understand your skin type. We understand that everyone has different skin type and requires personalized attention to hair & scalp problems and therefore, we plan complete customized treatments which are specifically personalized for your skin type and hair/scalp issues in view.

We hate using chemicals for Skin Care as much as you hate. It’s “BIG NO” to chemical based products at TressEZ. All our treatments involve using natures finest indigents backed by scientific know how

We understand your apprehension for the big day, but more than half of it will be gone each time you look at yourself in the mirror and your skin smiles back at you. 🙂 A fit body plus an unhappy mind do not equal to a beautiful face. So, be happy and see how this happiness magically makes your skin glow!

Feel free to contact us to plan your Pre-Wedding Skin and Hair Care regime.