Hair Treatments – Keratin vs Cysteine

Luscious, long and pretty hair is a beauty dream that every girl has. Women would definitely know how much it takes to maintain long hair and keep it healthy. From hair-spas to home-made hair packs, women have tried all of it. Fortunately, advanced treatments have now come into play and are growing better with time! We bring to you two hair treatments which are highly popular and are used by many women of different ages.


Cysteine is a natural amino acid element present in your hair which is treated additionally to strengthen your hair. The treatment is widely opted for due to minimal chemicals usage and is not harsh on the scalp.


  1. It moisturizes, repairs and strengthens your hair.
  2. It does not include the usage of harmful chemicals.
  3. It does not contain formaldehyde which is harsh to the scalp and hair.
  4. When the treatment fades out, it happens in a natural manner & does not look obvious.


  1. The treatment requires you to use sulfate free shampoo & conditioners thereafter, which turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run.
  2. The treatment is expensive too. 


Keratin treatment includes the application of keratin by infusing it into your hair through its cream and then using a hot flat iron to absorb it into the hair. The treatment is known to help in strengthening of the hair & reduces damage or breakage of any kind for pre-treated hair.


  1. The treatment controls on the frizz, leaving your hair shiny and smooth.
  2. The hair looks healthy and natural post treatment as compared to rebonding.
  3. The treatment is suitable for all hair types.


  1. The treatment includes the usage of formaldehyde which is unhealthy when inhaled.
  2. The chemicals used could cause allergies to people who have sensitive skin.


  1. Speak to your stylist before choosing the kind of treatment you want.
  2. Post-treatment care is necessary, so make sure you are going to remain dedicated.
  3. Post-treatment you will not be allowed to wash or tie your hair.
  4. Like colouring, any type of hair treatment can cause damage to your hair. So before you undergo the above treatments, consult your hairstylist so they can guide you.